An incredible era is over, now begins the next.

If you like me, as a quite normal person can experience the amazing things you really love, for a very long time, and also get to share this with totally amazing people, well then you are very lucky!

For my part, I have had the privilege to experience the Enduro sport at the European and World Championship level for 30 years, first 20 years as a rider, and then 10 years as Team Principal with third-party riders. This has been an absolutely amazing journey where we both built up and developed the team, brick by brick, together with the incredible people who have given me both joy and fervor to continue the work.

During most of those 30 years, we has been working closely with the Honda distributor in Sweden, which really has been taken good care of us, and always been by our side in good times but also in bad times. This has been an absolutely fantastic time we are incredibly grateful to experience. We have a lot to thank Robert Paschetto with staff, and especially for Rolf Malberg for, and we are very grateful to have great partners like this who also have become dear friends.
Now, times are changing, but friendships last forever!

This era is now over, and now starts the next.

We are now starting a new inspiring collaboration with Yamaha-motor that feels very positive, and will by the same time will be a big challenge for us. The 2015 racing season will be a start-up year where we will have much to learn both about the new racing bikes with for us new technical solutions. This feels very stimulating and we are really looking forward to this project.

This is a new long term project and we are are now a marketing and racing partner of the Yamaha-motor company. Our main mission for 2015 season will be the Swedish Championship series as well as the big CrossCountry races Gotland Grand National, Stangebroslage and Ranneslattsloppet. Also the legendary race Novemberkåsan will be one of our important races. We will also continue arranging popular events at our private actionarea just outside our teambase in Bollebygd Sweden.


We will also have top of the line tools for the highly professional World Championship series, but we need to spend some time learning how to use them before entering this serie.


I am also very proud of the riders that will be in our family for the 2015 season.

Jacob Mörhed needs no introduction as he has been with us the past 3 years, but his championship title from 2012 and a second position in Novemberkåsan sets the bar pretty high. In addition, we have complemented us with Johan Edlund, multiple Swedish champion, Robert Kvarnstrom, also Swedish champion, and our young talented Mikael Persson. Michael will race the Yamaha YZ125, while others are racing the revolutionary new Yamaha WR250F. Robert Kvarnstrom will also be competing in motocross today the SM series.


I am very proud of getting the possibility of being a part in this project, and I am already impressed by the enthusiasm around the sport in the Yamaha-company. This is a very good start and I am really looking forward to be working in this project.
Sincerely Joakim Johansson, Johansson MPE,
Passionate Enduro Freak and team owners.

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