Pressrelease 2019-01-18 (ENG)

We are delighted to be able to present this year’s season, which thanks to our fantastic partners, will take a big step forward this year. We are sure of that!

The last few years together with Yamaha Europe, then mainly with Alexandre Kowalski on our side, has been an absolutely incredible chapter in our over 30-year history – in the Enduro EM and World Cup series. These years as Yamaha’s official junior team have really been amazing and I can’t thank everyone involved for all the support and wonderful memories together. Having been a part of Yamaha’s racing with Outsider’s Yamaha with everyone involved is something I will have with me all my life, says team manager Joakim Johansson.

Working with future GP-winners has been both fun, rewarding and a very big challenge, but now is the time to move on. With a good support from our passionate colleagues at Yamaha Motor Scandinavia, it is now time to add the next gear and try to take our first GP-title, says Joakim Johansson.

We are very happy and incredibly proud to be able to present Finnish triple and reigning world champion Eero Remes as a rider in the GP-class. We have not decided class yet, the tests of the various Yamaha models are on right now, continues Joakim Johansson.

By his side he will have Australian junior rider Wil Ruprecht who is a strong candidate in the junior-class. Wil was with us already at the last race in Germany in 2018, where he took a victory already the first day, continues Joakim Johansson.

EnduroGP is now in a really in a positive phase with both support classes, running at the same time as the extremely professional in the GP-classes.

Swedish Marcus Adielsson will together with Finnish Hugo Svärd, defend the team’s colors in the Youth Cup on enduro-adapted YZ125 motorcycles.

In junior class, British Alex Walton along with Estonian Priit Biene, will defend the team colors with the WR250F and WR450F models.

We have also opened for riders in the World Cup classes and Swedish veteran champion Patrik Andersson will be here for full sail in the senior class, concludes team manager Joakim Johansson who is very happy and positive for the season!

The countdown has begun, 22-24 March, the first competition for the year in Germany.

See you there!

Team JohanssonMPE

We are happy to announce our EnduroGP team for 2019!
Eero Remes (FIN)

Wil Ruprecht (Australia)
Alex Walton (GBR)
Priit Biene (EST)

Marcus Adielsson (SWE)
Hugo Svärd (FIN)

World Cup, Senior:
Patrik Andersson (SWE)

Joakim Johansson(SWE)